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Flexi-Wash FW400
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The FlexiWash FW400 Automatic Membrane/Gel Wash Station is designed for automated Western blot membrane wash and incubation process. After proteins are transferred onto a membrane, the membrane is loaded onto FlexiWash for automated blocking, incubation, and wash cycles. The user only needs to prepare required reagents, initiate a blotting program and let the FW400 do the rests. With the unique liquid-handling design, the FW400 supports four wash/incubation processes simultaneously, each of which can be independently programmed and fully automated for speci c applications.

FW400 can also be used in protein or DNA gel staining and destaining, or any other applications that involve repetitive liquid handling and incubation cycles.

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Saving Time and Cost

FlexiWash reduces hands-on time from 40 min to 5 min.

Improving Western Blot Process

Western results of CDK4 (33 kD) using FlexiWash FW400. (Sample: Hela cell lysate).

Highly Flexible

FlexiWash FW400 operation interface.


Customer Reviews & Validations

Weight 50 lb (23 kg) Solution Volume 1 ~ 99 mL
Dimension 19in × 21in × 18in (47cm × 53cm ×46cm) (H × W × D) Incubation Time 1 ~ 999 min
Input Voltage 100 ~ 240 V Solution Choice Up to four (4) solutions
Max Power 150 VA Program Steps Up to seven (7) steps
Standby Power 8 VA - -
Catalog Number Product Name Size
FW400 FlexiWash FW400 Automatic Membrane/Gel Wash Station 1 set
S4001-40 FlexiWash Tray-L 40 trays
S4002-40 FlexiWash Tray-M 40 trays
S4003-40 FlexiWash Tray-S 40 trays
S4050-500 10x Deep Clean Solution 500 mL

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